Sourcing Materials

We take an environmentally friendly approach in all that we do. That's why we only focus on sustainably sourced fibers from organically grown plants and recycled materials. This approach minimizes our impact on the environment for a better future.

Fabric Production

Minimizing our carbon footprint is what separates us from other manufacturers. Every form of the production process, whether it's dyeing, yarn spinning or sourcing the raw materials, is localized as much as possible. Localized production requires fewer resources, thereby reducing energy use and expenditure.


The dyes in a garment should never cause an allergic skin reaction. We use azo-free, low-impact dyes in every garment, so they have very little if any contact with your skin. Because they don't contain any harsh ingredients, our dyes reduce the amount of toxins that are in the environment. We also take an additional step by collecting, cleaning and reusing the water in the dyeing process.

Knitting and Sewing

Professional-quality garments require professional hands. Every garment in our collection is crafted by highly skilled sewers and knitters to ensure quality and consistency. Visiting our factories numerous times each year allows us to build close relationships while making sure that our standards are met.


Our focus is the visual; our style is timeless. In a world consumed with more, we believe the time has come for less. We take an artful approach at designing affordable garments with premium fabrics and professionally tailored construction.