Our Oath

Each day we do our very best to bring you the highest quality products at unbeatable prices.

Why No Returns?

We believe that you're going to fall in love with every item we feature. But let's face it. Sometimes you'll hit a dud. We get it. Because we're offering you items at cost and have limited warehouse space, we cannot take on returns. It's nothing personal, it's just business. Besides, maybe that best friend will take the occasional dud off your shoulders—#winning!

In other words...

  • Let's face it; purchasing stuff that someone else has tried on or used is gross.
  • Returns take up costly warehouse space that would otherwise result in an expensive fee to you.
  • With recent Covid-19 developments, many retailers online and offline have discontinued returns due to the risk of transmitting the virus.
  • We made an oath to keep our prices insanely low.

The Fine Print

  • All Sales Are Final
  • No Returns Or Exchanges
  • No Refunds

Something Else

If you received the wrong item or something else is getting you hot and steamy, not in the right way, then please let us know. We'll do our very best to make things right.